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December 17 -19, 2021

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02. Your Motivations

How you think affects what is driving you forward or getting you stuck. In "Your Motivations" we dig deep to discover where your individual motivations come from or what mindset might be holding you back. Lastly, we will learn how to find the motivation to become the woman God has designed you to be, no matter the circumstances. 

Every choice you have ever made has affected your life one way or another. During "Life's Choices" we work through how to accept your past and make better choices today and going forward. 

01. Life's Choices

03. Your Relationships

In this workshop, we take an in-depth look at the importance of relationships. We will gain insight into how to improve your relationships with friends, family, children, your spouse, and above all, God. 

04. Your Body

Every woman is her own worst critic. How you view your body affects every area of your life. Here you will learn what makes your body function at its best! Find the key to improving your overall wellbeing through healthy habits and fitness. Learn how to love your body by changing what you can and gaining deep acceptance of what you can't.


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